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HomeLift can provide cost effective handicap access by  installing just the right vertical or incline platform to  access multiple levels whether stairs are straight, curved  or contain multiple landings. HomeLift’s experience in working with contractors,  committees and architects enable us to design the inclined  lift that best meets your needs and local code  requirements. HomeLift’s customized installations can  overcome virtually any structural or architectural barrier.  Vertical Wheelchair Lifts  HomeLift offers Vertical Wheelchair lifts that are designed to provide access into  or within public buildings. The Enclosure Model consists of a drive mast,  passenger platform, doors/gates and factory manufactured walls that enclose the  lift. This style of lift can be designed with a variety of finishes and can be  supplied with a Plexiglas dome for weather protection. The Shaftway Model fits  inside a vertical runway that is built by others in accordance  to manufacturer specifications. The system of this vertical  platform lift consists of a drive mast, passenger platform,  doors and gates. It can be completely enclosed, much like  an elevator shaftway, or can be open at the upper landing.   Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts  are custom designed and manufactured for each individual  project and can be both straight and curved. For design  versatility, an inclined lift can be mounted on either side of  the stairway depending on the stairway design and location,  and can be installed with little or no structural modifications.  Portable and Evac U Trac Lifts  A multipurpose vertical platform lift that provides  accessibility to school stages, outdoor bleachers, historic  buildings and elevated platforms. Homelift can help you  determine which portable option will meet your needs  without costly building renovations, installation permits or  licenses needed.  Call or email us today to schedule an appointment: 1-877-643-6210    info@homelift.com
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Our experience enables  us to design the inclined  lift that best meets your  needs and local code  requirements
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