When purchasing a stairlift there may be many questions you are asking yourself…

Will a stairlift fit on my stairs?

Will the stairlift hinder the flow of traffic in my home or be a tripping hazard? 

Will I be able to operate the lift?

Will the stairlift fit in with my homes décor? 

Is there an option for a lift to fit my stairs that turn? 

I need a lift so that I can get up to my outside deck?

Options and Customizations for Stairlifts

Good news, there are many standard features and options available that our stairlift specialist is able to show you.

Seat Belt

Standard with all units but there are four options including retractable, secure belt that fastens and unfastens with one hand, also an immobilizer belt is available so that the chair will not operate from the armrest control until the seat belt is engaged.

Safety Sensors

These are standard.  These sensors detect obstructions and bring your unit to a safe and immediate stop if it hits an object.

Swivel Options

A manual lever or a button push power option is available.

Remote Control

Two remote controls come standard with your stairlift allowing you to call your chair to the top or bottom landing.

Easy Folding

The most popular chairs come with a standard footrest fold button so you will never have to bend over to get the platform out of the way at the top of the stairs, eliminating a possible hazard.

Upholstery Choices

To keep your stairlift chair aesthetically pleasing to your home’s décor many upholstery options are available and some chairs offer wood trim options.

Power Folding Rail

This option allows the rail to fold up automatically eliminating any obstruction  leaving plenty of walking space on the lower landing.

Chair Width

There is an optional narrow chair available that allows the stairlift to be installed on stairs only 27” wide.

Outside Lift

This unit can be installed on the exterior of your home and is able to withstand the outside elements.  A handy protective cover is included to keep out the leaves, ice and snow.

Upon the installation of your stairlift, our installation team will walk you through all of the features of your new lift and show you how to operate it safely.

HomeLift stands behind the products we offer by giving our customers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on motor and gearbox for Stannah products and a FIVE year warranty on Bruno products! This is on brand new stairlifts.

Call our office and speak to one of our stairlift specialist who can provide you with a free, no obligation assessment of your needs 877-643-6210.