What lift is best for you?  What are your needs? Our lift specialists are a great resource to help you choose the right product.  They can help you understand your needs to determine which product would be the most helpful and the best fit to be installed in your home.

Below are some of the things our lift specialist will help you consider.


What are the needs of the people/person needing the lift?  Once this is established our lift specialist can share with you available options to fit those needs.


Safety is key when it comes to the design and use of accessibility equipment.  Find out about the standard features of equipment you are considering and assess which optional features may be available to fit your specific needs.

Installation Requirements

Some accessibility products may require modifications to be made to your home.  Some maybe minor changes while others may be more complex and require a contractor’s assistance.  Also, space and aesthetics may play an important role in which product you choose.


There is a wide range of prices in accessibility equipment to fit different sized budgets.  Some devices may be eligible for tax breaks, subsidies, rental programs or special payment options.  Your lift specialist can aid in these types of financial solutions while addressing your needs.

Standard and Optional Equipment

Most products are designed with standard features that offer comfortable, safe, yet basic use.  While optional features may be available to enhance the users experience.  These can include but are not limited to  larger seats, upholstery options, outdoor units, power footrests or swiveland retractable rails on stairlifts.  Elevator and Stiltz options may include larger cabs, cab design preferences, drive systems, thru car options and half doors (Stiltz).


All manufacturers offer a guarantee on their equipment.  Some manufacturers offer longer warranty than others, while some restrict their warranty to only certain parts.  HomeLift extends some warranties at no charge to the customer.  Long term reliability along with a strong warranty are important things to consider.  Your lift specialist can review all warranty information and options with you.

Maintenance and Service

It is very important to regularly maintain your equipment to ensure it runs smoothly and safely for many years.  Inquire as to what the maintenance requirements are for the equipment you are considering.  HomeLift has a team of trained service technicians.  All products offer a FREE maintenance visit within one year of purchasing your equipment.


Call our office at 877-643-6210 and make an appointment for a FREE in home assessment with one of our lift specialists.  Our sales and service technician team have over 100 years of  combined experience in the elevator/accessibility industry.