Choosing the right accessibility company can be overwhelming for many homeowners. At HomeLift, we strive to make sure our customers feel comfortable and confident in the services we provide. We believe our 30+ years of experience, our local service teams, and our extended service contracts are the main reasons why people choose us as their trusted accessibility provider.

Starting with our experience, HomeLift was founded in 1986 by Alan Jensen and Peppi Leland. Since 1986 we have successfully installed thousands of products in both residential and commercial applications. Currently HomeLift is one of the top home accessibility product providers in the mid-south. Additionally, our skilled installation and service teams have over 75 years of experience in the accessibility industry.

Regarding installation and service, we like to consider ourselves a one-stop shop. Surprisingly, many accessibility providers do not provide repair services for their products after installation is complete. We provide service and annual maintenance for all products and we have local installers based out of our two office locations: Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama. If an emergency occurs after business hours, we have an on-call technician ready to assist.

At HomeLift, we believe all accessibility products should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure all safety systems work properly for years to come. Our customers can maintain their equipment at an affordable cost through one of our annual maintenance contracts. Routine maintenance has been shown to reduce the cost and frequency of repairs and extend the lift of equipment. We offer two annual maintenance contracts for our customers to choose from.

If you would like to learn more about HomeLift and the services we provide, please call 615-385-5438.

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