Vertical platform lifts, also known as wheelchair lifts, are constant-pressure lifts that can eliminate the barrier stairs provide for people with limited mobility. Symmetry, our primary lift provider, offers three vertical platform lift models for commercial applications: An unenclosed lift, an enclosed lift, and a shaftway lift. All Symmetry vertical platform lifts come with a 750 lb. rated capacity, a non-skid platform surface, emergency platform lighting, ADA compliant telephone, and an illuminated emergency stop switch. When considering the drive system, there are three options: Acme Screw drive (10fpm), Hydraulic drive (17-20 fpm), and Accelerated Acme Screw drive (20fpm). In addition, there are several platform sizes to choose from. All Symmetry vertical platform lifts come with a 4-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor. Symmetry vertical platform lifts are designed to be code compliant.

Unenclosed Lifts (VPL-UL)

When cost or space is the primary concern, unenclosed vertical platform lifts can be the ideal solution. Typically, unenclosed vertical platform lifts require little to no site modifications. This type of lift can only travel 60 inches, so it is best used for short travel distances. Unenclosed vertical platform lifts are used to provide access to porches, stages, office entrances, and other commercial settings with short travel distances.

Enclosed Lifts (VPL-EL)

Enclosed vertical platform lifts require more space than unenclosed lifts. However, enclosed lifts do not require hoistway or shaftway construction. This type of lift can travel up to 168 inches. Common commercial settings for enclosed vertical platform lifts are parking structures, school gymnasiums, and/or airport terminals.

Enclosed Lifts with Plexi-glass (VPL-ELP)

Enclosed model lifts with plexi-glass are used the exact same way as enclosed lifts. The only difference is this type of lift comes with clear or smoked plexi-glass wall panels. Here are examples of the enclosed lift with clear and smoked plexi-glass.

Shaftway Lifts (VPC-SL)

A shaftway lift is designed for enclosed shaftway applications in public and private facilities. Construction modifications may be required as this lift must go in a pre-existing hoistway or shaftway. Shaftway vertical platform lifts can travel up to 168 inches.

If you’d like to read more about the wheelchair lifts we offer, visit our residential wheelchair lifts page. For more information on commercial vertical platform lifts or other accessibility products, please contact us at 615-442-0462.