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HomeLift recognizes selecting the right lift provider is just as important as selecting the right lift.  Over the years we’ve installed and serviced countless dumbwaiters for businesses, as well as private homes.  Our advisers make it easy to get the solutions you need, by offering free site assessments.  There is no obligation when you reach out to an expert at HomeLift.

  • Simplify Your Tasks

    We understand the convenience a dumbwaiter can provide, and we offer a range of models that can transport everything from groceries and laundry to files and food trays. You can rest assured that HomeLift has already done the research for you, and has rigorously selected only dumbwaiter models that provide superior functionality, design, reliability and value.

  • Experts You Can Trust

    Serving our community for over 30 years, HomeLift has the extensive knowledge and experience to be able to provide you with Excellence in Elevation. Our advisers will help you determine the dumbwaiter placement, size and capacity that will match your needs. We guarantee your dumbwaiter will be installed with efficiency and professionalism by HomeLift fully trained and certified in-house technicians. We never use contracted employees.

  • We Have You Covered

    HomeLift provides installation, maintenance and repair service. You can expect HomeLift to be there for you for years to come. Each of our locations have staff to assist you.

Dumbwaiter LiftDumbwaiters from HomeLift offer standard built-in safety monitoring equipment, plus numerous options for shelving, lighting, and gates.

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